How to set a fingerprint scan or lock screen password on Galaxy S5

By | April 21, 2014


Security of any device is very essential to keep your personal data and information intact from leak. These days most of the smartphone maker companies are trying to provide best security features to the smartphones. The latest released Samsung Galaxy S5 offering fingerprint scanner as a security feature. Also being an Android users one can easily get pattern lock screen or swipe to unlock the device features.

By default, to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S5 needs just a little swipe, but anyone with even a tiny sense of security will want something more. The Galaxy S5 offers a lots of of different ways to keep your device locked when not in use.
Here I have an easy tutorial to set a fingerprint scan or lock screen password on Galaxy S5. Follow the steps to get your task done in seconds.

How to set a fingerprint scan or lock screen password on Galaxy S5

  • Click on the settings icon in the top-right by swiping down from the top of the screen.
  • Select the Lock Screen option that should be near the top, in the Quick Settings menu.
  • Then click the Screen Lock item at the top of the following window.
  • Now choose the mechanism you want to use: pattern (typical 9-grid pattern lock), swipe (a quick left-to-right gesture), PIN number, fingerprint (requires your finger print to swipe on the home screen to unlock), or a regular text password.
  • Choose any locking method to set up, and follow the specific steps to set up. Most methods will require you to enter the code twice, and sometimes you will need to add an recovery password for when the primary method does not work.
  • After doing everything with your, get down right away to the bottom of the LockScreen portion, and tap Lock automatically and set the time Galaxy S5 waits after a screen has close to require an unlock password.