How to send web pages to Kindle in Chrome


Most of the Kindle users take their seriously, with or without an internet connection. Whether it may be books, magazine articles or digital newspapers or any other things, Kindle device along with the app has been on the forefront of distribution for all kinds of the Kindle users. Kindle offers the convenience of reading from anywhere.

A Google Chrome extension  now makes the reading on Kindle even easier than before. It sends the web page content like blog posts and articles to your Kindle device or app in few simple steps.


How to send web pages to Kindle in Chrome

  • Download Send to Kindle extension for Google Chrome
  • After installing an icon will be found on bookmarks bar on top right corner of the browser and here click on icon and go to settings.
  • Now in the settings page, enter your Amazon account email and password.
  • After signing in, you are taken to the delivery settings page and here you can choose for which device you can send the content. After it is done, click on save button.
  • Now go back to the web page which you want to send and click on Kindle icon again. Here you can either select Preview&send or Send to Kindle.
  • Preview & Send option gives you the preview of what the content look like on Kindle. You can send it by clicking on Send button on the top right corner of the same page.

The added feature is, it is being able to send only the selected text from the web page. Highlight the text from the web page and click on the Kindle icon. Now click on Send selected text. You can now just check on the Kindle and see it added to your library. The webpage just appears like an ebook.