How to send and receive money with Google Wallet


Google Wallet has made payments more convenient including allowing you to do the mobile payments at your favorite stores and save all your loyalty cards and the most popular service it offers is person-to-person money transfer. Actually it is one of the lesser known feature of Google Wallet, but really works well for transferring money from very small amounts to large amounts with just having the email address and Google Wallet app.

If you went to shopping or restaurant and forgot your wallet then you can ask your friend or someone to lend you through the Google Wallet app. Here I am going to teach how to send and receive the money quickly and easily with the Google Wallet.

Send and receive money with Google Wallet

It is very easy to send and receive the money with the Google Wallet, in the recent versions there are big buttons “Send money” and “Request money” at the right top of the main screen.



  • You need to just simply tap the respective button and you will be on your way. After selecting the appropriate button you will be taken to the screen where you can type the person name for whom you are sending or requesting the money.
  • You will be shown a list with matching contacts or else you can enter an email address of someone who is not in your contact list.
  • Just fill out the amount you would like to send and you can also add an optional message with it and choose the payment methods you would like to use.
  • Before sending the money double check it and click on the send button on the top right corner. Thats it money sent.

Choosing payment methods

When you want to send money to anyone by default it will send from your Wallet’s balance. If your Wallet balance is very low then tap on the payment next to the amount and it will expand the list of all available payment options. You can add the debit cards and credit cards to the Google Wallet account and each active method will display there.

When doing the transactions you will get the clear picture of which account and what type of card you are using and Google lists all the fees and limits on its website.