How to Send Multiple Emails to Single Email ID in Outlook 2013

By | September 24, 2014
Outlook 2013

Are you want to send multiple emails to a single Email ID or a single recipient with the help of Microsoft Outlook 2013. And you did not want to forward each one separately or  to create a new email and attach each one.  So in this article you will get an easy method to forward multiple email messages to a single recipient as one message step by step.

Steps to Send Multiple Emails to Single Email ID in Outlook 2013

1. First of all you have to open the Outlook 2013 and select the multiple the multiple mail messages in your Inbox the same way you would select files in Windows Explorer, using the Shift and Ctrl keys.

Outlook 20132. Now you have to go the  Respond section of the Home tab, click Forward. You can also press Ctrl + F.


3.  Now you will see a new email message is created and the selected email messages are added to it as attachments. Now you have to enter an email address in the To field, enter any address you want to CC (carbon copy) on this message, write your message, and click Send.

mulitiple-mail-forward in outlook

4. And if any case, you want to remove some one of the selected emails from the new email message,  then you can right-click on the message attachment and select Remove from the popup menu. Ans simply the particular email is removed  from the attached bar of the Outlook 2013.