How to Send HTML email through Gmail

By | June 30, 2014
HTML email through Gmail

Email is a system to receive and send a mail electronically through a internet network, Email become the world wide way of keeping connected to people personally or business matter. However, there are also new demands that come with it, such as the ability to send out emails in in an html format.

This article brings you how to send HTML Email through Gmail.In order to send an html email with your G mail account, you must follow a few steps G mail . When you compose a new email in G mail you have two options one is plain text and another is rich text.   For better under standing simply follows the steps given below.

Build the HTML page

Steps to follow to send HTML email through G mail

  • We cannot compose the HTML email directly for that, Initially you need to take take dream weaver Front page or any of your favorite editor to built the HTML page.
  • Upload to a web server, so you can view it in your browser.
  • Once you are done with this in your browser, use Ctrl+A (windows) to select all, then Ctrl+C to copy everything
  • In G mail browser, click on Compose Mail , make sure  rich text is selected, then use Ctrl+V to paste the content what you have copied.
  • That’s it , you have the html email right in your compose box.

Sending a HTML email with G mail does have to be complicated and does not have too effort, Just you need to follow few simple steps and takes little time. As all are aware of HTML is a markup Language used for web pages and other information displayed on the web browsing. As growing the HTML know this is very helpful as well as useful with demand for usage of HTML. Finally I can tell its a good idea to know about these few steps.

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

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