How to send fax online over internet


You don’t know when you need to send a fax and you need to do it and of course you can use the fax machine to send a quick fax to someone. But it is not possible that fax machine should be accessible to you. So, at that time even if you don’t have the fax machine you can use the internet to send the fax messages. Below is the procedure how to send fax online over internet.


Step 1 : Search for internet fax services

There are abundant free online services which allows you to send a fax to the remote fax machine. Search for the free internet faxing services and you will find some free services. The free internet faxing services comes with the limitations such as ads and the number of pages you can fax and daily quotas. The free internet faxing services works as follows.

  • First enter you name, email id and the message of the files which you want to fax and add the recipient’s name and the fax number.
  • Follows the instructions given on the page and type the relevant information which they asked including the confirmation codes.

Step 2 : Choose and email to fax service

Send and receive the faxes using on your email address with out using the fax modem. Your fax recipients doesn’t know that you are not using the traditional faxes.

  • When you sign up for a free fax service then you will be provided the software file which you need to install on your PC to make the faxing possible. Now you can access your fax account from any computer and send the files to someone.
  • Now convert your file to pdf or txt format. There are so many other formats are also supported. The software downloaded will provide the instructions for how to access the file and print it and then enter the recipient’s fax number.

Step 3 : Fax by scanning the printed sheet

If you want to fax an already printed document and if you don’t have the printer or the fax machine with you the you can scan the document and send it via any of the services listed above.

  • Scan the document which you want to send by fax into pdf, txt or any supported format using the multifunction printer or scanner.
  • You can use any of the above listed services to send the fax with out the traditional fax machine.

Like the above said procedure you can send the fax online over internet. If you are having any doubts you can leave your comment in the below comment box.