How to send an Audio Message in Apple iOS 8

By | September 22, 2014

The Apple has recently launched its latest iOS 8 operating system to its iPhone And iPad users. The iOS 8 now downloaded by the many Apple iPhone users. And it comes with many new as well as innovative features which is very useful. In this the Apple has also introduces  new way to send the Audio messages. Now, next to the text field whenever to typing to someone else with iMessage enabled, then you can tap a little microphone icon to record a short audio message and have it sent to them just like a picture message. If you want to know how to do this then you have to follow the following steps one by one –

Steps to send an Audio Message in Apple iOS 8

1. First of all you have to tap on Messages.

ios8 audiomsg-1
2. After that you have to tap on the conversation  that you want to send the audio message through.

ios8 audiomsg-2
3.  Now you have to tap and hold on the microphone key on the right side of the text field in your iOS 8 of Apple and start chatting away. You need to continue holding it by the way to continue to record.

ios8 audiomsg-3
4. Once you have said all you need to say, let go of the microphone icon and tap  to the arrow icon to send it along (you can also tap  to the X icon to delete the audio that you have to deleted, or you can tap the play icon to listen to a preview of it).

ios8 audiomsg
Note : It only work when both the user’s has latest Apple iOS 8 Operating system in there iPhone’s