How to Select Multiple Tiles in Windows 8.1 Operating System

By | September 16, 2014
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After the Update 1 of the Windows 8.1 Operating system many new features are available to this Microsoft Windows Operating system such as- new power and search buttons on Start Screen, pinning metro apps to Taskbar and title bar with close/minimize buttons in metro apps. In the Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 (without update 1), if you right-click on a tile in the Start Screen, you will get the App bar or Options Bar at the bottom containing various options such as pin, unpin, resize, etc. Mainly the tap introduced for the touch enabled devices. Because of that the tech giant Microsoft has replaced the App bar with the old Context Menu in Update 1 for Windows 8.1 OS.

But after the update there is an issue faced by the Windows 8.1 OS user’s, that they can’t select multiple tiles on the Start Screen to move, unpin or resize them. Before installing Update 1, users were able to right-click on a tile and then left-click on other desired tiles to select multiple tiles. But after the update, if the user right-click on a tile and then left-click on another tile, Windows opens that program and doesn’t allow users to select multiple tiles. And want to move tor select the Multiple tile in Windows 8.1 operating system, then I can help you with this article

Ways to Select Multiple Tiles in Windows 8.1 Operating System

#Method 1 

With the Help of CTRL Key. For multiple Tiles Section you can select multiple tiles by press and hold CTRL key and then press the left-click on desired tiles. It will allow you to select multiple tiles. This would be  the same method which is used to select multiple items in Windows Explorer or Desktop. Once you select multiple tiles, you can move them or right-click on a tile from the selection to access context menu options.


#Method 2

With the help of Space Bar.  You can just press the Space Bar your keyboard and then you will observe Windows will show the old App bar on bottom. Now here you can click on the  other desired tiles to start multiple selection.

Space bar method

Note : – You can also use the”Win+Z” keyboard shortcut to show App bar or Options bar at bottom. The same methods  you can also be used on “All Apps” or “Apps View” page which can be accessed by clicking on the small arrow icon on Start Screen or by pressing “Ctrl+Tab” keys together.

note method