[How to] Select Multi Tiles & Bottom App Bar on desktop in Windows 8.1


Recently Microsoft released Update 1 for the Windows 8.1 operating system now this update 1 is available for download. These update brings the many interesting features to windows 8.1 such as new power and search button on Start Screen, pinning metro apps to Taskbar and titlebar with close/minimize buttons in metro apps.

One more interesting fact included in this update is addition of classic context menu on start screen. In windows 8 and windows 8.1 with out update if you right click on the tile in the start screen, you will get the App bar or options bar at bottom includes pin and unpin, resize etc. The reason to implement the App bar is enable the touch devices like tablets but mouse users on desktop, laptops are found disturb to use. Here in this article users can gain the information regarding how to select the multi Tiles & Bottom App Bar on desktop in Windows 8.1 after updated to update 1.

Once installing the update 1, if you right-click on a tile, you get traditional context menu similar to Windows Explorer or Desktop. Here there is a small clarification to the users as they are complaining that they can’t select the multi tiles on Start Screen to move, unpin or resize them.

Before installing Update 1, users were able to right-click on a tile and then left-click on other desired tiles to select multiple tiles. But now if they right-click on a tile and then left-click on another tile, Windows opens that program and doesn’t allow users to select multiple tiles. There are two solutions to solve this.

Solution 1 :

you can easily select multiple tiles by press and hold ctrl key and then left-click on desired tiles. It’ will allow you to select multiple tiles. Its the same method which is used to select multiple items in Windows Explorer or Desktop. After selecting the multiple tiles, you can move them or right-click on a tile from the selection to access context menu options.

Solution 2 :

Here it seems Microsoft didn’t disable Bottom App Bar for Desktop users in Update 1. Instead the company just hid the bar which can be accessed using a simple trick. Just press Space Bar on your keyboard and Windows will show the old App bar on bottom. Now you can click on other desired tiles to start multiple selection.