goGame gets multi-million dollar investment from Sega



Japanese gaming company, Sega has invested in four month old Singapore based startup, goGame to make its presence in international mobile gaming market. Sega Networks and Japanese VC firm Incubate Fund have made a multimillion dollar investment in mobile game publisher goGame. The deal was announced at the opening of goGames’s Office in Tai Seng Avenue on Thursday.

The main reason for this investment is goPlay system of goGame. The product is a free publishing system that allows game developers to publish their mobile games. This system contains some services like market research, customer acquisition and distribution.

David Ng is the founder and CEO of goGame. He founded the startup to allow game developers publish their game in just two months instead of four to five months. The goPlay system will also allow the developers to avoid middleman game publisher, who usually takes 70 to 80 percent of revenue of the game. Here goPlay will only take 10 percent of any revenue in excess of $100K.

According to Mr. Ng, the investment from Sega is more than financial boost for the startup, as it will allow them bring marketing product of Sega named Noah’s pass to Southeast Asia. Noah’s Pass is free to use cross mobile gaming promotional platform, which is very popular in Japan.

Currently, goGame has offices in Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia, and the startup is planning to open new offices in Vietnam, China and Malaysia by the end of 2016. Haruki Satomi, the president and CEO of Sega Games believes that goGame will be one of the most popular game publishers in near future, because the number of mobile phone users is growing rapidly in Southeast Asia.