How to see Hidden Passwords on web browsers

By | June 23, 2014
See hidden Passwords

In many places where you need to input your password to gain any web access, confirm or authorize a transaction, whenever you type passwords into the input password box, the characters automatically turns into bullets or asterisk. This is to protect your password from straying eyes.

However sometimes you need to see those passwords to check whether you have entered the correct one or if you think that you have forgot some characters of your password, then you might need to see the hidden password on web browsers that you have allowed to save automatically.

See hidden Passwords

The guide which is I have posted below shows password temporarily, once after refreshing the browser it will again show in bullet or asterisk format. If you generally used to save passwords on Internet explorer then you don’t need to follow any guide to do so, just click on the eye icon at right corner of the password box.

So here I have listed the tutorial to see Hidden Passwords on web browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome, I hope you people use these browsers mostly than others.

How to see Hidden Passwords on web browsers

Guide for Google Chrome

Follow this if you are on Google Chrome and want to see the password behind the asterisk. Just Right Click on the password box and select inspect element.


The browser now will show some code out there at the bottom, Press Ctlr+F and type=”password”, after getting the result in the code section. Replace the word ‘password’ with ‘text‘ by double clicking on it. It should now look like type=”text”. Hit enter to continue.


Now close the Inspect element section and look at the password box, this time you will see the password as text format instead of asterisk or

Guide for Mozilla Firefox

Here also you need to do the same as Chrome, Right Click on the password box and select Inspect Element.


A dark colored bar will appear at the bottom, there you need to select the markup panel or directly you can press Alt+M to get into that.


Here also you need to search for the password and replace into text. Here is the screenshot you will see after following these steps at the end.



That’s it, you did it! If you have any doubt related to the internet, hardware or gadgets issues you can request up for a help by comment below them, I will try to get back to them to find the solution as soon as I get time. Do share if you liked this post and if it is informative.