How to See Which Apps Are Draining Battery in iOS 8

By | September 30, 2014

With the latest iOS 8 operating system for the iPhone and iPad, the tech giant Apple has added some new features, which can help you to see which apps are draining your iPhone or iPad maximum battery. This also includes the apps which are draining your battery in the background.  You can also stop these apps by using so much battery power, especially if they are trained that the battery in the background while you are not actually using them. If you want to see which apps are draining battery in iOS 8 then you will find all ways and steps in this article.

Steps to See Which Apps Are Draining Battery in iOS 8 

  • The information is available in the Setting of the iOS 8. If you want to access, then you have to navigate the Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. (The Manage Storage options here allow you to view a list of apps by how much data they’re storing, allowing you to free up local storage or iCloud storage more easily.


Battery Usage

The Battery Usage list provides two different columns.  And where you can see how much the battery apps have been using in the past 24 hours, or in the last seven days. On iOS, it always shows battery life over a period of time. But it is different as compared to the Android Battery usage. And if you want to save your the battery in your iOS 8 enabled iPhone and iPad, then you can also visit my previous article: How to Improve Battery Life on iOS 8. Or you can remember some simple tips  which can help you, such  as-

battery saving method

  • Make Apps Use Less Battery Power-  Mainly the apps which will appear in this list are using the battery power because your device on and are actively using the app.
  • Restricting Background Activity Apps-  Some apps in this list have a “Background Activity” label. That means the app is using battery power by running in the background. Especially the social networking apps like Google Hangouts, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

Step to Stop Bacground Apps-

  • If you want to prevent the apps from using data in the background of Apple devices, then navigate to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Disable background refreshes for battery-sucking apps here, preventing them from refreshing their data in the background of iOS 8.

background app