How to Scan Document and Edit Document


Scanning document is the Great way to convert the physical document to soft copy, But if you scan physical document as an image you may be wondering how to do editing. With the help of right software you can convert any scanned document into a format that is compatible with any word processor. This article brings you the clear information about How to Scan Document and edit document. Follow the steps below to do

Steps to follow


  • Initially Scan the Physical document which you want to make soft copy, if  it is very old or in bad shape, the scanner may have difficulty capturing the text in a readable state.
  • Scan the document in any of the major formats, including PDF, JPG, or TIFF.
  • Newer scanners may come with software that will automatically convert the document into an editable format.
  • If you have Office 2003 or 2007 installed, use the Microsoft Office Document Scanning program to perform the scan. This program will convert the text as it scans. The program is not available in newer versions of Office.
  • The TIFF format will give you the most success when using an OCR conversion program.
  • Scan in black and white if possible. Scanning in black and white will make it much easier for the OCR program to convert the document. Only color scan if you absolutely need any images on the document. Only color scan if you absolutely need any images on the documents.
  • Once you are done with the Scanning you need to install an OCR program OCR (Optical Character Recognition) programs attempt to match characters from an image with characters in their databases. They then reconstruct the document into a format that is editable in any word processor.
  • Now open the Scanned Document in the OCR, The process varies depending on which program you are using, but generally you just need to open the file and the program will convert it for you, and then save the results as a new text file.
  • Most OCR will have the option to choose the output Format, Choose the format that works with your preferred processor.
  • Remove the format codes from your system if it present a problem.
  • edit your new document,
  • Once you have finished processing the scanned document with an OCR program, open it in your preferred word processor and begin making corrections.
  • There will likely be several spots that were converted incorrectly, so you may have multiple changes to make to spelling and formatting.