Saving Snapchat Story gets simpler!


Snapchat is a popular instant-photo sharing social networking app for phones. For the past one year, Snapchat Story has emerged as the social network’s single key feature. Saving a Story on Snapchat, until now, means one has to download every picture and video separately which was a strenuous and time-consuming task especially when there is a lot to do.

Snapchat Story

The company yesterday rolled out an update that, along with the bug fixes, enabled an option to save the entire Story with a click of a button or simple tap. The files downloaded as a video that’s composed of photos and videos was sequenced together, and each file is displayed for the amount of time it was designated when originally uploaded to Snapchat (a five-second video photo would be displayed for five seconds). However, the user cannot choose the files to be downloaded – it’s either all or nothing. But it allows the user to edit the video to his liking after downloading.