– a wallet-friendly website for students!


Discount coupon mania popular in Europe and America to attract customers has now hit India too. There are various new startups coming up using this strategy to capture market. The newly popped up discount coupon website is which targets solely at the students crowd to help them get the best with the limited resources.

The name is very simple and clearly depicts what it does. As the name implies, this website tries to lay away the pocket-money of the students with ample discount and offer coupons. Unlike, many websites, this site lists diverse vendors from food to fashion to florist, technology to travel, saloons to movie shows and lot more. Currently, website showcases more than 100 brands with lots of hot deals and very many options for the students to choose from.

Apart from deals and discounts, it also allows students to become part of their team as student representative who acts as goodwill ambassador for this portal. This chance provides students an opportunity to learn business strategies and build leadership qualities within oneself before they face the real world.

The design of the website looks cool and catchy with the combination of orange and blue they have used. The site is easy to access too. All that a student has to do is to register at the site with his personal details and he s good to generate discount coupons. He can log-in to the website anytime with the username and password created.

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Discounts from 5% to 50% and ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ deals tempt people to make use of it even if they have logged on with no intention of shopping. Shopping with these endless tempting deals is not all the difficult for it allows the users to browse based on the brands and based on the categories. The site also flashes hot deals and soon-to-be-expired deals on the homepage to ensure it meets the eye of the users. ¬†One could say, the homepage bombarded with deals will help the user not miss any deals but also, could confuse and divert the user.

However, it could have been simpler if the site allows the users to browse on the basis of the place. As brands have chain of stores in many places, searching places and good deals on the basis of the cities would simplify the user to find what he need. The users would not want to click onto every deal to check the location. Also, the cities the site focuses, are not very clear. Currently, the major focus seems to be on Mumbai only.

Apparently, this wallet-friendly website is not free from glitches. The cursor does not change when placed over the search button causing a confusion whether it works or not. Apart from the technical aspect, the website doesn’t list any big brands whether its food or fashion. Most of them are upcoming smaller business. Most of the deals and the offers seems to be Mumbai based. It does not have any offers in Bangalore, Chennai or Hyderabad. Also, though this targets only at the students there are other websites which are open to all to which automatically include the student population. Hence increasing the competition.

On the whole, is a wallet-friendly initiative for the students to be appreciated. But it definitely has to work on the technical glitches and pool in more brands to capture the wallets of more students. – a review video: