How to save internet usage while using Google Chrome on Android



Internet now-a-days has become a basic need of everyone, people like us can’t even think without internet for that sometimes we need to compromise with other related things like we have to save limited internet data usage to work on it longer, basically when we use limited data plans. If you have  Android or iOS device and using Chrome then this tutorial will sure help you to save internet usage while using Google Chrome mobile browser.

So, just scroll down and start following the steps to do so:

How to save internet usage while using Google Chrome

Step 1: First of all open chrome browser on your device, you will three dots(vertically placed) at the top bar(url bar).

Step 2: Tap on it, it will open something like this, you can see in the image:

Step 3: Find the Settings option, by scrolling down, you may have to scroll almost down to the bottom of the new menu.

Step 4: In the next window, you need to find an option called ‘Bandwidth Management’.

Step 5: There you see only two options to select, you can limit Preload Webpages only to WiFi and select the another option which is Reduce Data Usage and make it to Off.

Things to Remember: Chrome will try to predict where you want to go next on the page. Based on that only it load pages pages in the background that helps you to open a webpage very quickly, but it consumes more data.

Once after selection the “Reduce data usage,” you’ll see a screen explaining that pages loaded with this feature turned on will be compressed through Google’s servers. Also you can tap Learn more to get details about the feature you have just disabled.