Satya Nadella CEO of Microsoft Meet With Cyanogen

By | September 2, 2014

According to one of the latest report which claims that the some of the big tech giants or the MNC’s such as, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics and Yahoo are among the list of companies, are very much interested to acquire or building partnerships with the Cyanogen.


According to some of report which claims that the Cyanogen had recently sit-down with the tech giant Microsoft CEO’s Satya Nadella. There are many possibilities of  the Microsoft partnering or acquiring Cyanogen. But there is a question that the Microsoft might be  partnering with Cyanogen to have their apps and services on the pre-installed on their ROMs. For  an example, the Microsoft’s Android apps such as  OneDrive, OneNote, Skype, Office and other some pre-installed with Cyanogen ROMs and Bing could become the default search service too.

The Cyanogen has mainly developed the enhanced open source firmware distribution for the smartphones and tablet computers which is mainly based on the Android open source Operating System. The maximum time it offers the  features and options which are not found in the official firmware, which is  distributed by the vendors of these  Smart devices. Recently, Chinese companies like Oppo has started to support Cyanogen ROMs officially. It is already becoming a full-fledged alternative to  the Google Android Operating system