SanDisk planning to sell itself off



SanDisk is one of the major companies in storage world, as its memory cards and solid-sate drives are pretty popular. But it looks like people may not see SanDisk’s name on memory cards and solid state drives for much longer. According to Bloomberg, SanDisk is planning to sell itself off. The report also suggests that the company is in talks with Micron Technology Inc. and Western Digital Corp for the acquisition deal. Still there is no guarantee that the deal will happen.

This merger deal won’t be possible immediately, as SanDisk runs the storage device factories with Toshiba, so the company have to take approval of Toshiba before the merger. US flash memory maker is in talks with two of its rival companies for the merger. Currently, the involving companies are also not commenting on this matter. So, we don’t have much details about this report.

This merger is not surprising, as both SanDisk and Micron are very small flash memory maker as compared to the heavyweight Samsung. Samsung’s flash memory is used in most of the computers as well as mobile devices. If Micron Technology Inc and SanDisk Corp merge, it can give Samsung some competition. Small companies need to do this kind of merger, as big companies are squeezing them.