SanDisk launches world’s highest capacity MicroSD of 200GB


As the smartphones are getting smaller and thinner day by day, SanDisk has worked on to pack large storage space into a MicroSD card. The flash memory master has worked on its magic to bring the storage capacity you would expect from a desktop to the mobile phones. Today, the company announced a new 200GB MicroSDXC card at Mobile World Congress 2015.


The 200GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card, Premium Card comes one year after the company released its then-earth-shattering 128GB microSD card. The details of the process is not disclosed but the capacity of the card gives a clue as to how close it has come to the current limits of manufacturing technology.

The 200GB microSD card is the new record holder for world’s highest capacity microSD card with 56% more storage than the previous 128GB one. Best of all, that new space will not slow down this card one bit – it maintains its 90MB per second transfer speed, equivalent to 1,200 photos per minute. Also, it can hold up 20 hours of full HD (108p) resolution video.

For those who are not sure how much is 200GB, it is probably more than one can have in a laptop and certainly more than any tablet or phone. Sandisk’s new card has more storage than the base-level 13″ MacBook Air and most Windows ultrabooks. It is got more storage than the highest capacity iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2.

Memory cards are typically sized in powers of 2, with steps such as 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Had it followed the pattern, it would result in 256GB, but it appears SanDisk was not able to do that. Rather, settled for 200GB. But that does not bring down the company’s development for fitting such huge storage into a small card is not an easy deal.

All good things come with a price. True to it, the 200GB MicroSDXC card from SanDisk is quite pricey. It is expected to hit the markets in the later part of this year and comes with a hefty price tag of $400. But, the good news is it’s water, temperature, shock, magnet and X-ray proof and also comes with an SD card adapter.