Samsung’s S Health app available for all Android device



Back in April, Samsung launched its health and fitness app named S Health, but the app was only supported in its Galaxy devices that were powered by Android 5.0. S Health is available as a standalone application in the Google Play Store, so the company has made this health and fitness app available for every Android device.

The South Korean electronics giant has announced the availability of its S Health app for all Android devices on Friday. There is also not any restriction about the manufacturers company. The one major requirements for the compatibility of the app is that the Android device should run Android 4.4 or above.

Currently, number of devices are available that track the fitness activity like steps, distance, heart rate and some other activities. One can also keep track of their calories burned and the sleep. The smartphones allow users to see the data gathered by the device through an app. S Health is a fitness app that can let users to manage and monitor their fitness activity like measuring weight, overall health and the exercise.

This app also measures the heart rate of the users via built-in sensors, which comes with devices like Samsung Gear S5 and some other Gear devices. S Health app also tracks steps; monitor the calorie as well as sleep and this app can also measure stress and blood oxygen levels.