Samsung unveils two bendable battery prototypes

By | October 26, 2015


Currently, batteries of any device including smartphones, smartwatches are pretty solid and rigid. Researchers have been working on liquid batteries, but there are still lots of time before this battery comes to our smartphone and smartwatch. But Samsung has another solution for rigid battery.

Samsung has unveiled two battery prototypes, which are called the Stripe and the Band. The depth of Stripe Prototype is 0.3 mm, which makes it thinner and flexible than other prototype. The other Prototype named Band is thicker than the Stripe, and it is designed for smartwatches that adds 50 percent more battery life than the original.

This new battery prototype can revolutionize the wearable market in the future. The company can make more flexible wearable with the help of this flexible battery. We may see smart headbands, clothes and necklace in the future. These smart devices are possible due to the flexible nature of new battery prototypes from Samsung. Samsung said that the new flexible batteries have higher energy density than currently available compatible batteries.

Currently the Stripe and the Band batteries are in prototype phase, so it is still unclear that when company will start the mass production of these batteries. There is still time before these two flexible batteries will come in any of your smart devices.