Samsung to launch LEVEL lineup Headsets to compete with Beats


When you get a brand new smart phone or handset there is usually only few things which you treat as handy. The Charger, USB link and headset are around the ordinary suspects, if you prefer to go for good quality sound over what those earphones or those Boom Sound speakers can convey. There are many products in the market which gives you desired sound effect. In this arena Beats has set a level of headset quality. Samsung this time going to compete with Beats by launching different LEVEL Headsets to the market soon.

Not only the sound quality, Samsung even trying to beat Beats with Style also. Here I have listed all those headsets preview which is going to blast the market very soon.

LEVEL lineup Headsets


LEVELin lineup Headsets

Among those the first one is LEVELin series headset. This is actually an ear-tight headphone with unique build quality and design as they offer a premium metallic build and adds a convenient little remote control on the wire for music control.  The twist here is that it incorporates a S-Voice button for those who use Samsung handset running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or more.  This gives a convenient little shortcut for those looking to use their handset without hands and are OK with Samsung’s S-Voice command focus. LEVELin earphones will retail for $149.

LEVELon lineup  Headsets

The second level in sound quality offered by Samsung, and they come on the form of on-ear over-the-head style earphones that will more nearly look like the standard Beats earphones than different models. These speakers are 40mm and thusly offer higher quality sound than the earbuds can, and they also emphasize NFC connectivity and the same music control remote with S-Voice button, LEVELon will retail for $199.

LEVELover lineup Headsets

LEVELover are the most costly of the pack and guarantee to convey ear-shattering quality sound with the 50mm speakers included, and fit snuggly over your ear for an air-tight listening experience.  The bonus here is that it not just feature a Smart Touch offer feature on the side of the ear for the same music control and S-Voice help as alternate other earphones but they are also wireless. Being remote the earphones help Bluetooth, APTx and NFC to effectively match with your handset.  All of these headsets includes noise cancellation feature for quality calls and S-Voice usage.