Samsung to shut down its Milk video service in November



There are lots of video streaming service available right now, which gives lots of options to the users to select from. This is good from user perspective, but surviving this tough competition is pretty tough for the service providers. It looks like finally, it hits Samsung video streaming service.

Samsung has announced that it is going to shut down its video streaming service Samsung Milk Video. The company has given this news to the user via its Google Play apps. The given description of its Google Play app states that the company is going to shut down its service on November 20th. The company is shutting down its video streaming service at its birthday only, as it was launched back in November 2014.

Until November 20th, users can watch the movies, live music shows, trailers and the video created by Buzzfeed and College Humor. The company has not given the reason behind this announcement. Users can use Milk Music player to enjoy some streaming contents.

Currently Samsung is removing some unwanted pre-installed app from its smartphones and tablets. Some pre-installed app that has been removed includes Samsung Video, Media Hub and some others. Coming November 20th, you won’t be able to use Samsung’s video streaming service named Samsung Milk Video.