Samsung ready to release three amazing tablets


Samsung is a multinational company headquartered in Samsung Town at Seoul, As we all know that Samsung is a Korean based manufacturer company always takes risks and it will delivered good quality of  electronics devices especially Smartphones and Tablets.

3G WiFi Model Name Screen Size Screen Type Resolution PPI
T801 T800 Chagall 10.4 Super AmoLED WQHD 288
T701 T700 Klimt 8.4 Super AmoLED WQHD 359
T911 T910 Warhol 13.3 LCD WQHD 277

 SamsungSamsung is good at releasing the smart devices quickly with quality, Now the company is planning to release three amazing tablets with unique categories. Exact names of these Tablets not yet released but code names of this tablets are circulating all over namely ‘Klimt’,  ‘Chagall’ and ‘Warhol’ and the display of these tablets are 8.4 inch, 10.5 inch and 13.3 inch respectively while they will all boast with different sizes none will sacrifice with screen quality.

Among the three tablets Warhol is the biggest display tablet where Klimt is smallest with 8.4 inch, as per leaked documents the tablets comes with the display of WQHD screen ( QHD screen) with the High definition Pixel of 2560×1440 pixel resolution.

As I mentioned Earlier ‘warhol’ is the biggest tablet among all the tablets which was released by the Samsung till now which makes us attraction to wards it. This device further blur the link between both net books and pads which can be use as portable alternative small laptop.

Samsung is releasing these tablets in two variants one is being WiFi connectivity only and other is Cellular connectivity, The tablets which are leaked now belongs to WiFi connectivity which supports 3G and other specifications are yet mystery and also we should not surprise these tablets with powerful specifications like octa core processor with 3GB of RAM and 8 GB rear camera.But their is no word officially announced by the company