Samsung protects Galaxy S5 with KNOX 2.0 for Enterprise users

By | May 7, 2014

Samsung has introduced that its KNOX 2.0 security suite is finally available all around for the new Galaxy S5 device. The firm additionally proclaimed that through future system updated, KNOX 2.0 will be brought over to other Galaxy devices too, which will be uplifting news for IT directors and enterprise users who need to bring their handsets to work.


We had covered KNOX 2.0 previously in short, and the significant thing about the update is that for devices like the Galaxy S5, the security suite will use biometric validation, requiring the utilization of the device’s finger impression scanner and a passcode.

As stated by the Samsung, KNOX 2.0 will offer several key components such as the Marketplace, EMM, KNOX Workspace, and Customization.

KNOX was announced by Samsung initially as a way to marry life and work balance on the same handset and compete more effectively in the enterprise space that’s dominated by BlackBerry and its Balance software.

  • The Samsung KNOX is the next-generation secure Android platform introduced by Samsung in 2013 now available for Galaxy S5.
  • Targeted primarily at mid and high-tier devices, it leverages hardware security capabilities to offer multiple levels of protection for the operating system and applications.
  • Key features of Samsung KNOX include Trusted Boot, TrustZone-based Integrity and Security services, SE for
  • Android enhancements, and the KNOX Container.
  • In addition, The KNOX platform features a new enterprise enrollment process that vastly improves the experience of both the employees and IT administrators for enrolling devices into the company’s MDM system