Samsung Phone’s Bloatware can be deleted in China



Samsung will introduce a patch, which will allow users in china to delete its bloatware. Back in January 2015, Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission had sued the company for its pre-installed bloatware in china. Now it looks like before the verdict on the Chinese lawsuit, Samsung has taken the step to solve the problem.

The new patch will be available in August, which will allow Chinese Android smart phone users to delete the pre-installed bloatware, which they don’t want to keep. This process for deleting of pre-installed bloatware can be done on both Galaxy Note 3 as well as the company’s latest Samsung Galaxy S6. It is still unclear that which apps can be deleted, but you must be able to get rid of some unwanted apps.

The Shanghai Consumer Council is still waiting for the Company to fulfill its promise to the Chinese user, before dropping the lawsuit. Still this will only allow Chinese user to delete some unwanted and non essential pre-installed apps, but if you are living outside China then, sorry to say but you won’t be able to get rid of those bloatware. No one wants to keep the unwanted pre-installed apps on their phone, as this slow down the phone and causes some hurdle while using, but still outside China, the Galaxy phone will have the pre-installed apps.