Samsung Pay vs Apple Pay – The Future of Mobile Payment


Ever since Apple announced the latest Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay has been around and making some buzz. However, there is another player in the race now which claims to take the mobile payment system by storm with its launch this Summer.

Samsung Pay launch

Yeah, you got it right. Samsung Pay has finally been announced by Samsung in Barcelona earlier today along with the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. In some ways, Samsung Pay seems more promising and secure as compared to the rival and here we are, taking a close look at both the mobile payment systems which might as well be the most used mobile payment systems ever.

Samsung launched the status of the biggest smartphone manufacturer to Apple around the end of last year, but it seems that Samsung has no plans to give up as yet and the intentions are pretty clear with the launch of Samsung Pay where the company claims to support at least 30 million locations at launch which is scheduled to be later this year in United States and Korea.

Apple Pay Vs Samsung Pay – The First Look

Samsung Pay

Both the mobile payment systems on the list look pretty convincing because of the fact that they come from the top 2 mobile manufacturers of the world. Apart from that, the innovation which both the brands have shown in the recent years is another thing which makes us have a go at the new system.

As I already mentioned, Apple Pay has been around since a while and it is time that it gets a competitor, because the technology gets better in the competition making it good for the company as well as the consumer. So when Samsung Pay was about to get official, all the tech fanatics were hoping it to be better than Apple Pay and Samsung did not disappoint. Apple Pay was announced with Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and it initially worked with those 2 smartphones, the same way, Samsung Pay has been unveiled with Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and it is rumored to work with only those 2 phones for now. On the support of Samsung Pay with other smartphones, the company did not have a comment as of now.


Talking about mobile payments? Well, Security is the first thing which comes to the mind of everyone around. The whole concept of Mobile payments was initiated to make the purchases secure and hassle free and that is exactly what both the mobile payment companies intend to do. While making a purchase using either of these service, there will be a one time token generated needed to complete the payment. The token is a one time code to authorize the payment at any POS (Point of Sale) Location. The best thing about the access token is that it expires after using once just to avoid any fraud activity.

Another thing which makes both of these payment systems hard to ignore is that fact that none of the companies see your credit card details or the details of the purchases you make. Along with that, even the POS location does not get to see the card details as it is an encrypted in the form of the token which I talked about.

Another thing which makes them secure is the need to authorize payments by the finger print. All the 4 devices, (Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge) have an inbuilt finger print scanner and the same is used to authorize the payments at any supported location.

Last thing in the security comes handy when you lose your phone. Apple as well as Samsung are the companies with a very secure system loaded on the phones. Using the Find my Phone feature, you can lock your phone if it is lost or stolen and that will ensure that the payment system can not be used without your permission or your details are not leaked to the one using your mobile other than you.

However, Samsung might just get an extra edge over Apple because of the integration of Samsung Knox with Samsung Pay. Samsung Knox has been rated as one of the best mobile security systems.

Ease of use

This is another reason why anyone thought of launching the mobile payment system. Both the payment systems minimize the need of using a plastic card which means that you can go shopping or on vacations leaving your wallet behind. The phone in your hand will take care of all the payment needs you might have and that is the reason why Apple and Samsung, both are trying their level best to reach out to as much locations as they can.

While Apple Pay used NFC as well as finger print authorization, Samsung pay has gone one step further to accept MST (Magnetic Secure transmission) which will clear ways for Samsung pay to work with the old credit card readers making it compatible with more locations as compared to the Apple pay which lacks this feature.

Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, both will work with major card providers, with Samsung already in a contract with MasterCard and Visa (2 major plastic card providing companies), Apple has left no way behind. Both the companies are in talks with the card companies to make this a reality to have a mobile payment system loaded on every POS location as well as on the mobile devices of most of the consumers.

The future of mobile payments

Samsung Pay

As of now, the future of the Mobile Payment system looks really promising because of the obvious fact that the smartphone is considered as one of the obvious means to replace the traditional plastic payment system. The world is excited for it and the companies will leave no stone unturned to make it count.

While Samsung has already stated that they will be targeting at least 30 million POS locations before they go live later this year, Apple is trying to add more and more locations to the payment system which is already live. Both the companies can boast of having the most secure infrastructure in the mobile industry and that will surely work in favor of the the 2 smartphone giants.

Another thing which can work in the favor of both the companies is the authorization required in form of the NFC or finger print to authorize the transaction, this will very much check the fraud and hacking.

Samsung Pay Vs Apple Pay – Which is better?

Well, Samsung pay has just been announced. we are yet to see what it can give, however, the features seem promising and MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) will make sure that Samsung Pay is accepted at more locations as compared to the Apple Pay.

Samsung Pay seems to be having an edge over the Apple Pay because of MST as well as Knox. However, it still remains an unanswered question as to how people will respond once Samsung Pay is live for the consumers, till then, it is clearly understood that Apple Pay has got a worthy or maybe a slightly better companion and the battle to stay on top will be surely good for the consumers.

My verdict

Well, I have always been a tech fanatic and an enthusiast when it comes about new technologies. However, I strongly believe that reaching to my location (India) will still take years for any of the above mentioned payment systems.

Mobile payments aspect is still a very new trend in the tech industry, keeping in mind that Google Pay  (Google wallet) was launched in 2011 and since then, it has not been able to make that much of the impact, however, now there are 2 promising solutions available to take the race to the next level.

Still in the initial stages, there is a long way to go. In the journey, it remains interesting as to how the companies tackle any difficulty they might face. Also, how do the companies go ahead convincing people to go with the mobile payment when they are not very interested (this kind of cases might very well come alive in developing countries like India).

Well, as a technology enthusiast, I am excited and at the same time, I am curious to know how things go from here. It remains an interesting battle, but the winner is already announced. The Consumer. 🙂