Samsung opens its new Silicon Valley Office, which is huge

By | September 26, 2015


Samsung has officially opened its new Office in Silicon Valley on Thursday. This new office of Samsung will have 700 employees for now and the campus has capacity for 2,000 employees. With this new development, Samsung is trying to make bigger presence in the Silicon Valley.

The new office of Samsung will have research labs and sales operation for its semiconductors, displays and LEDS business. Currently, the South Korean giant is biggest vendor form memory chips in the world and world’s second biggest company in processor making.

Samsung’s new office is huge 1.1 million square foot site and is located few miles away from Apple HQ. Samsung said about this site, “The design seeks to encourage interaction among staff, foster connections with the community and provide a space to attract employees in the highly competitive tech market,”

Samsung is not new to this area, as the company has its research, development and sales centers for displays and semiconductor since 1983. This new office will have research and development centers for semiconductors, LEDS and displays at one place. This office will also house staffs for supports and sales department.

Samsung’s presence in world’s best tech world is going to help the company, as it can use local talent in various areas. Jong-Kyun Shin, the CEO of Samsung said, “With this we are positioning ourselves very well for decades of future growth, today, Samsung Electronics is laying the groundwork for a more aggressive rate of growth over the next two decades.”