Samsung launched Gear Indie, an independent VR film channel



Samsung Gear VR has today announced that they are going to launch a channel dedicated to 360 degree video; the name of the channel will be Gear Indie. Gear Indie will be an independent channel for VR filmmaking under Samsung Milk VR section.

Due to YouTube, one of the most popular video streaming channels, it is easy and convenient for everyone to film a video and upload it and share it with the world. One can capture the video from the camera or even smartphone, and you can share it with the world without facing any problem.

But when anybody films 360 degree video, they put much of their hard work to do so, so it is necessary that they should also get a platform, where they can share it and show their creation to the world. This new VR channel Gear Indie under company’s Milk VR section is launched to help the VR video creator.

One can access this channel Gear Indie by using Gear VR application as usual, as this channel comes with a curated section of independent 360 degree video content. In the coming days, Samsung will host a showcase of 13 independent virtual films. Some of the films at this new channel are DryftVR produced The Alien Desert (A time-lapse experience in the Mohave Desert), Eric Fassbender produced Ireland VR and a Virtual realty comedy via Teleportation named “Teleportaled”, produced by PAVR etc.

In the near future they are also planning to assist the content creator by providing mentors to the filmmakers, who will assist them in 360 degree video filming if they have any ideas. The company is also planning to organize a challenge for the 360 video creator communities in next few months, which will help the company in popularizing the portal. For the challenge the some impressive filmmaker will be asked to create a VR film on specific topics, given by the company.