Samsung launched ATIV Biz Card app for Windows Phone

By | July 17, 2014


Although Lumia devices seem to pick the most attention on Windows Phone, the smartphone giant comes stands at second with their only ATIV Windows Phone releases, offering the recent Verizon ATIV SE. Like Nokia, Samsung also makes their own apps for their branded Windows Phones in order to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Last night, Samsung has launched ATIV Biz Card app for ATIV Windows Phone from Samsung. ATIV Biz Card is an user friendly app but advantageous tool for professionals, it’s is basically a business card scanner. The app uses the ATIV camera and OCR(optical character recognition) automatically to scan a business card and auto-import the data into a new contact.



These kind of app is not appreciable to Samsung as there are many third party companies are there who has developed the app with more  features compared to Biz Card but in order to performance, undoubtedly Samsung is good I would say.

Here comes the features you will get,

  • The app include using the flash
  • Manually taking a photo or importing a photo from the phone’s image library.
  • Once the OCR completes its task, the user can verify and modify the details before saving to the phone’s Contacts.
  • From our brief testing, the OCR works decently though there are few errors.

Download ATIV Biz Card app for Windows Phone (Samsung Only), if you are ready with your phone, just open the QR reader app and scan this code to directly download on your phone.