Samsung Home Monitor Android App : Review and download link

By | April 28, 2014

Samsung Home Monitor Android app  allows the users of the upcoming NX 3000 camera and the other camera models in the NX series to watch the video from the camera’s lens remotely on their phones. It is the application for the hardware available. If your using the late model Samsung’s smart camera then check out this beautiful thing.

Using this simple and beautiful Samsung Home Monitor app, you can use your smartphone for baby monitoring purpose or can use like a security camera. The app users can stream the live from the camera anytime and anywhere. To stream the live video there should be Wi-Fi present in your house or where you fix the camera and your smartphone is connected to the Wi-Fi or mobile data.

The baby monitoring feature or security camera feature can be used with the smartphone that is connected to the same network access point as a Samsung Smart Camera. The app helps you to notify when some noise is detected and it allows you to watch the live streaming video.



  • Live video monitoring : Watch the live video on your smartphone from the smart camera.
  • Sound Detection : The smart camera will detect when your baby cries or any thing happens and it will send an alarm to your smartphone.
  • Turn on/off camera lights : When the light is dim, you can control smart camera ‘s AF assist light using your smartphone and make the video brighter.

This app is compatible only with the Samsung cameras that are manufactured in 2014 or later and this application is used in the Android smartphones running on Android 2.3.3 and smartphones that supports WVGA or higher resolutions.

Download Samsung Home Monitor app.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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