Samsung is giving the disabled a way to click a mouse…with their eyes.

By | November 26, 2014

Nice to meet you, everyone. I am happy that the eye mouse is developed in Korea. The eye mouse isn’t just an IT device, but arms and legs for a patient with advanced disease. I hope that these kind of research will be continued.

Hyung-Jin Shin sent out this message in Seoul, South Korea, with the help of Samsung’s “eye mouse,” or Eyecan+. Shinji, a bachelors student who has been quadriplegic since birth, participated in the beta testing of this product. It took around 20 minutes, and it turned out to be a massive step towards greater independence.


Eyecan+ is designed to give people with disabilities an easier way to navigate a computer using just the movement of their eyes.  Users can highlight a command with a look, and blinking acts as clicking a mouse button. Eyecan+ also has drag-and-drop capabilities. Unlike the first Eyecan, which came out in 2012, Eyecan+ no longer requires that the user wear specific glasses. Instead, the unit now fits underneath a user’s computer monitor.

The self-contained Eyecan+ units are expensive, they will cost around $500. The market of individual consumers would be niche, so Samsung does not plan to sell the product in retail stores. However, Samsung has open-souced the units, and other businesses have expressed interest in using the technology.