Samsung Gear 2 Neo vs Asus Zen watch : Comparision


Asus Zen Watch was released in IFA 2014 which was held in Berlin, Asus placed the emphasis on crafts man ship, first and features are second. where as Samsung Gear 2 is the previous model of Samsung Gear S which was released few months back. Here in this article you are comparing the Samsung Gear 2 Neo vs Asus Zen Watch.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo vs Asus Zen watch 

Samsung-Gear 2


Design and Quality

Asus Zen watch comes with stainless steel case; its face is made of curved glass, and it comes with a leather wristband. Asus is aiming for people who like luxury watches here, not techno gizmos. on the other hand Samsung Gear 2 Neo is pretty decent with rectangular shape which is similar to the Samsung Smart wear. Both the watches has dust and water resistant.


Let us see the specifications of the these devices as below



The specifications of the Samsung Gear 2 Neo has 1.63 inch super AMOLED touch screen 320 X 320 pixel resolution with 278 pixel density on the other hand we have Asus Zen which comes with a display of 1.63 inch with 320 x 320 pixel resolution with P-OILED screen. Gear 2 Neo is powered by Exynos 3250 dual core chip clocked at 1.0 GHz where as Asus Zen Watch comes with 1.2 GHz Quad comm snapdragon 400 processor.

Both the devices comes with 4 GB of internal memory and 512 MB of RAM and connectivity is Bluetooth and both the devices comes with some sensors which includes Gyro, accelerometer and compass. Gear 2 Neo available in white Gold and Black Titans colors and Asus runs on Andriod and Samsung runs on its own TIZEN- Based wearable platform.

The connectivity of the both the watches includes Bluetooth. Zen watch has a bio sensor which is used to measure the heart rate and it also has IP55 level water proofing.

In Samsung Gear 2 there are some more extra features which includes Camera features with Auto focus, sound and shot, location tags and signature and some of the Fitness features are Heart Rate sensor, pedometer, exercise. Even there is a possibility to download some features like calculator, chat on, Flash light and many more which are not in Asus Zen Watch.


zen watch comes with a price tag of 199 Euros which is equivalent to $260 US dollars and it will be available in the market in the coming months and Samsung Gear 2 is available in the market with a price tag of $ 272.


                              SPECIFICATIONS                                                  SAMSUNG GEAR 2                                                           ASUS ZEN WATCH
DISPLAY 1.63-inch Super AMOLED (320 x 320) 1.63 inch with 320 x 320 pixel resolution with P-OILED screen
OPERATING SYSTEM TIZEN- Based wearable platform Android Operating system
PROCESSOR 1 GHz dual core processor 1.2 GHz Quad comm snapdragon 400 processor.
RAM 512 MB 512 MB
Battery 1.4Wh battery. 400 mAh



Both the devices are common features, but Samsung Gear 2 has some extra features like camera, Downloading features, fitness features. Where Asus is device with decent and stylish look.