Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint scanner hacked, Paypal account at Risk

By | April 16, 2014
Fingerprint Scanner-Samsung Galaxy S5

Fingerprint Scanner-Samsung Galaxy S5

If we talk about Samsung’s unique finger impression scanner technology included in the home button on the new Galaxy S5, there is bot bad news and good news. The good news is that we have invested a lot of time testing it, and we have observed that it works extremely well. The terrible news, on the other hand, is that it has recently been hacked, leaving Galaxy S5 holders’ handsets and their Paypal account at danger.

As noted by German-language security blog H Security, SRLabs has posted video (watch the actual video below) prove that the finger impression scanner on Samsung’s Galaxy S5 can undoubtedly be spoofed using a lifted print. In few minutes, the group was able to make “dummy finger” putting a genuine unique mark to increase unapproved access to the handset.

Some might recall that Apple’s iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner was hacked using the same method. As SRLabs points out, however, the Galaxy S5′s fingerprint security implementation makes this hack far more risky.

If we talk about Apple’s Touch ID security, users are required to enter their password one time before using the fingerprint for any authentication. The same password must be used again if any one reboot their device. This extra step looks annoying, but it provides extra layer of security and helps users from spoof added by SRLabs.

On Galaxy S5, no password is required to get inside the device. Even after the reboot, a simple finger swipe which you have set up is enough to open the handset. Furthermore what could be more dangerous is the actual fact, considerably after a reboot, users do not need any password to get to Paypal and make any kind of payments through the app which just some day ago has been released supporting this finger print scanner log-in.

Still there is no word from Samsung’s side, let us see what step the tech giant is going to take towards the security of this hing end Smartphone. Check out the video to know how it has been hacked using the method I told earlier.