Samsung doubles the capacity of its SSD 850 Pro and EVO drives



At the Samsung’s Annual SSD Global Summit in Seoul Korea, electronic giant has announced that it is going to double the capacity of its SSD 850 Pro and SSD 850 EVO drives.

The new 850 Pro and EVO solid state drive will come with capacity up to 4 terabyte, which is double of currently available two terabyte drives. These derives will operate by using 6 GBps SATA Interface similar to the previous versions. Samsung will releases these drives in early 2016.

In addition to the 850 Pro and EVO, the capacity of compact 850 EVO M.2 format drive will also be boosted. The small internal drive will come with 1 terabyte capacity rather than currently available drive with 512 GB capacity. Similar to 4 Terabyte 850 Pro and EVO, this drive will also release in early 2016.

Samsung didn’t reveal the pricing details of these storage drives. The South Korean electronic giant has said that the production of these drives will start by the end of this year and start its shipment in 2016. Samsung is going to boost the capacity of SSD 850 Pro, SSD EVO and 850 EVO M.2 format drive.

In addition to these, company has also announced new 950 Pro SSD with 256 GB and 512 GB capacity, which will be available for consumer in October this year.