Samsung to bring stronger and better Turtle Glass display

By | September 21, 2015


The glass display of the smartphones, tablets and laptops have always been concerned. Most of the people worry about falling out these gadgets and glass to be shattered. But we don’t have to worry about this, as Samsung is working on a tougher and powerful glass, which can sustain the abuse and damage better than the Gorilla Glass that is commonly used in Android devices. Currently most of the device like tablets, smartphones uses Gorilla Glass for their display panel.

This new type of Samsung Glass is called Turtle. We don’t have much news about this new type of Samsung Glass till now. The South Korean company has filed for the trademark for its Turtle Glass in its home country. There is also rumor that the Turtle Glass may be able to bend, which is going to be pretty useful for Samsung’s foldable phone.

Currently Gorilla Glass is used in most of the smartphone flagship and tablets, but if Samsung creates its own glass, it would help them in saving lots of money and the new Glass can also be used smartphones of other companies. Previously Samsung has made components for other company’s device like it had manufactured displays, processors and memory for Macs and iPhones in the past.

Samsung has been working on foldable displays and even used the flexible screens in phones like Galaxy Round, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+. This new Turtle Glass will allow Samsung to create the better and rigid display for their flexible devices.