Salesfusion raises $13.5 million in Series B funding

By | November 17, 2015

Salesfusion, the Atlanta-based marketing automation provider announced it raising $13.5 million in its Series B round of funding led by Noro-Moseley along with other investors BLH Venture Partners, Alerion Ventures, Tech Square Ventures and Hallett Capital.  This round raises the total funding of the company to $14.5 million.


Founded in 2006, Salesfusion is a marketing automation platform that offers a complete and easy-to-use marketing ┬ásolution that allows marketing teams to provide effective programs. The platform consists of all the features marketers require to create, manage and analyze marketing tactics and campaigns including email & nuture marketing, lead scoring & management, website tracking and more. The platform is designed in such a way to function as per the marketer thinks with intuitive workflows, native integrations to the world’s best CRMs and tactic- and campaign-level reporting. Meeting the needs of the companies, Salesfusion is affordably prices and has enough scope to support their growing business.

Carol O’Kelley said, “Historically, small and medium-sized businesses have been underserved by marketing automation providers, who’ve prioritized the needs of larger enterprise businesses. Salesfusion has taken a different approach by putting the requirements of SMBs first, finally making marketing automation accessible to this critical segment of our economy. Not only are we bringing enterprise-class solutions to the SMB market, but tailored to the unique needs of the SMB.”

With the fresh funds raised through Series B, Salesfusion plans to invest it in launching next generation of its product, Salesfusion 360x, boost its market reach and to strengthen its sales team.

Alan Taetle, general partner at Noro-Moseley and a Salesfusion board member said, “”There is enormous opportunity for SMB players to adopt and leverage marketing automation the way the enterprise market has. With the introduction of Salesfusion 360x, the SMB market will finally have the complete, easy-to-use marketing automation solution it needs — and, at an affordable price point.”


Studies show that for marketers at SMB, the main criteria for a marketing automation platform is the ability to meet needs off the shelf – something that requires minimum setup or customization. Since the smaller companies will not have enough resources to enjoy marketing automation, it is very important that the smaller companies get their needs met without any extra investment. Salesfusion strongly claims that it can offer just what SMBs are looking for.