Salesforce acquires Toopher,a start-up, for undisclosed amount


With the increase in the number of hackers and malware software, cyber security has become a big deal in the recent days. It has become so important that even the President has started to look into it. Almost all companies who deal with sensitive data and information are working on to beef up their own security to protect their clients.


Customer relationship management company is working on the same with its recent acquisition of a security software start-up company Toopher. The acquisition is expected to help Salesforce widen its set of security tools, which has been developing identity and access management tools in the last few years.

Toopher, which was founded in 2011, provides a secure enterprise two-factor authentication platform that adds authentication to every critical action. Also, it asks consumer to confirm identity when user logs-in to make transfers funds or make purchases. Austin based start-up, though it will no longer sell its current products, has stated “trilled to join Salesforce, where we’ll work on delivering the Toopher vision on a much larger scale as part of the world’s #1 Cloud Platform.” Also the founders Josh Alexander and Evan Grim wrote, “We can’t imagine a better team, technology and set of values with which to align.”


Users of Toopher had to download the app available for iOS and Android, and pair it with the service. Users are allowed to automatically authenticate from safe locations like the home or work, but if the request is from a new and unrecognizable location, the user received a notification from the Toopher app and could allow or deny the request.

Provided that Salesforce sells products that allow businesses to manage relationships, as well the data and information associated with them, adding two-factor authentication for those who want to access that data makes it more appropriate.

The financial terms of the deal has not been disclosed so far. As cyber security started gaining importance, it went the notice of the venture capital funding and they starting pouring more money into these types of start-ups, which is definitely a good sign.