Safari vs Chrome – Mac Web Browser Comparison


The Internet has changed everything and the world is now covered with technology and its related devices with the help of Internet. In order to explore different types of web pages and websites, you need to have a good web browser installed on your Mac. Today, we are here to let you know about which Mac web browser should you use and what are the reasons behind it. Safari vs Chrome, a good comparison is done here just to get you the right information about the most popular web browsers for your Mac. 

Recently, we have updated a list of the best iPhone browsers in 2017 where we have enlisted total 10 different types of web browsers which you can actually use for super faster web experience on your iOS devices. But, if you are using a Mac, most of the people either choose Safari or Chrome web browser and for that reason, we have compared these browsers here so you can decide to setup the most suitable one as your Mac’s default web browser application.

Note that, we are not here to change you mindsets on which browser should you use in order to browser web pages on your Mac. Instead, we are just helping you out to know more useful information between this two browsers. So, at the end, it is all up to you which browser should you use in order to browse the web world on your Mac. We are just enlisting the reasons and good things about these browsers and we will hand over to you on making the final decision on choosing it.

Safari vs Chrome for Mac 

Safari is by far the best web browser for Apple products. In fact, it’s a product of Apple itself and Safari web browser comes as a default web browser on almost all the available apple products, for iOS and Mac OS. Since for years, Safari comes as the default web browser on Mac OS X. The best thing about this web browser is it has all the advance web browsing features to surf the web world more faster. It offers great security to your browsing.

Safari has changed a list of its features over the years and hence it is still the most popular for almost all the Apple users out there. The new Safari web browser allows users to browse different types of web pages and web sites with a private mode. So no one can see or track your browsing history. Recently, it adds up new add-blockers along with a set of new add-ons which you can use to make the most of web surfing. The browser works with your Apple account and surf the world of web well and it syncs with all your Apple devices.

Why should you use Safari on your Mac OS X? 

There are many reasons why you should prefer Safari browser to choose the default web browser for your Mac system. Safari offers a bunch of extraordinary features which makes this browser the most popular browser for Apple fanboys around the world. Let’s see some of the best reasons on why you should go with the Safari web browser for your Mac OS X :

Since Safari comes as a default web browser on Apple products, it offers a complete native environment to understand things and to explore the web world with much familiar environment. Chrome doesn’t offer a user friendly environment for Mac OS X and it does offer kind of the same User Interface on any other PC system. So, it is a good way to use Safari on your Mac OS X for more user friendly web experience.

Safari also supports syncing between various iOS devices with your iCloud passwords, bookmarks and all the other things making it the most useful browser to get things done with syncing it with all the other available Apple devices.

Additionally, Safari web browser has a bunch of built-in features allowing users to explore most popular web pages quickly. The browser doesn’t require any further extensions so you can explore more from the home page of this browser in no time. Apple’s Mac OS X has a notification area where users can see push notifications so you don’t need to open the websites again and again if you are looking for some notifications from them.

Safari also supports AirPlay which allows you to streaming videos from your OS X to Apple TV directly. It has a responsive design mode to see how a particular website will look on different devices with its full layout.

Lastly, Safari uses less CPU and RAM comparing to the Chrome browser making it the most reliable web browser. Less resources requirements consumes less battery and so it will offer longer battery life. Studies have found that using Safari browser for your daily usage can extend your battery life up to 1 hour. So if you are a regular traveller, you should switch to Safari as your default web browser on a Mac OS X in order to save battery.

These were some of the reasons you should consider to switch to the Safari web browser on a respective Mac OS X. Now, let’s get on to the popular Chrome browser from the giant, Google.

Why should you use Chrome on your Mac OS X? 

Google’s Chrome web browser is undoubtedly the best and most popular web browser available for all types of environments and platforms. Google Chrome is world’s best web browsers offering a huge number of extraordinary features to make the most of your web world. Compare to the default Safari browser, Google Chrome runs a bit slower on Mac OS X, but still it manages to work well with other Google based services to keep things organized with the same Google account on your Google Chrome web browser. Google too has plenty of features such as built-in QR scanner, Google Now support, a translator, and much more making it more popular over the Apple fanboys. Let’s take a look on some of the good things of the Google Chrome web browser on Mac OS X :

Since Google has changed the actual UI of its web browser, Google Chrome now offers super faster web surfing experience and this is the reason why people of Safari web browser are not switching to the Google Chrome web browser. So, it offers super faster web surfing experience when it comes to surf different types of web pages and websites on your Mac OS X.

Google Chrome utilizes more CPU making it offer more web surfing speed. In other words, it also uses or we can say consumes more battery of your Mac system.

Additionally, the Chrome browser offers more user friendly environment that is quite familiar for everyone. It doesn’t ask for anything, as you can add various things to expand the user interface of the Chrome web browser. Apart from this, the Chrome browser has Modern Interface to make the best use of the web world within the the same environment.

Chrome offers more intuitive tab management with super faster web surfing experience. You can easily manage bookmarks and other websites on the Chrome browser than the default Safari web browser.

Last but not the least, Google Chrome offers a huge list of extensions to expand user interface while surfing the web on the Chrome browser. More extensions means more power to surf the web. There are hundreds of additional features which you can add to improve the overall web surfing experience through this browser.

So folks, these are all the reasons behind this popular web browser, Google Chrome.

So the question is, which browser should work well on your Mac OS X? Well, the answer is simple. We have enlisted all the good and bad things about both these browsers here and it is all up to you which one should you choose. If you surf the web just to explore different types of websites, don’t switch to Google Chrome as Safari does it better for you. But if you want to add some more functionality and most of your work done by Internet, you should switch to Google Chrome web browser as your default web browser on a Mac OS X to improve the overall functionality on your Mac system.

What’s your take on this guys? Which web browser do you use on your Mac OS X? Why do you use that as a default web browser on your system? Do share your views and opinions with us. You can share your feedback as comment with the use of the comments section given below this post. Stay tuned with us for more useful technology related updates.