Ryptide, A Drone Made By Students Could Save You From Drowning

By | December 29, 2014

Drones often divide people’s opinions on them. Many find them annoying while many continue to be fascinated by them. Drones, in fact were one of the most┬ápopular Christmas presents given out this year. That, of course resulted in loads of people crashing them into trees and poles, allowing the not so keen population to start grumbling about drones again.

However, drones can do a lot of good as well. In fact, they are being utilised by rescue workers to locate stranded people in the alps. They’re also being used to bring an end to animal poaching. And now, drones will also help you from drowning. Yes, you heard it right!

It’s called Project Ryptide, and it has been built by Bill Piedra along with a group of students from the King Low Heywood Thomas school in Connecticut. It is a self-inflating life preserver ring that holds the capability to hold on to any drone that is able to carry a GoPro. So all you have to do is snap the Ryptide to a GoPro, hover the drone over a person in danger and tap a button. The GoPro will disengage the ring and it will get inflated as soon as the carbon dioxide cartridge releases its contents.

The makers of Ryptide are in the process of putting their innovation on Kickstarter. They will also release a model for $99.

Author: Saugaat

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