Russian Researchers create cockroach shaped spy robot

By | September 28, 2015


Researchers and engineers from Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Russia have created a new cockroach like robot, which can save lives as well as spy on people. The team, who built this tiny robot said that the military is interested in this project, so they are going to present a sample tiny robot to them.

This cockroach shaped tiny robot measures four inches and can achieve speed up to 12 inches per second. This robot comes with light sensors, contact and non-contact probes, which allows the robot to move without getting into the obstacles.

Currently this tiny robot can work for 20 minutes by itself, but the researchers are trying to expand its life for longer time. This robot will also have navigation system that will allow users to plan its route. This robot has also capacity to carry weight of 10 grams, which means it can carry a mini camera.

According to researchers, this robot will be very useful in some rescue operation in some emergency situation and this will also reach places that are hard to reach. The team started creating the robot by observing the movement of cockroach and they have ensured that its movement remains as organic as possible.

Researchers have said that they have built this robot for a private company, which wanted a robot that is similar to cockroach in size and functions. The scientists have said that finding balance for these three elements was pretty difficult.