Runcible, a hybrid of pocket watch and smartphone


Does every new rectangular smartphones in the market make you feel bored? Do not worry, a small circular smartphone has popped up just as we began to feel the smartphone makers are losing creativity. The small circular device, Runcible, which is the size of a pocket watch, has the potential to be one of the most innovative gadgets we have seen in a while.


Created by the start-up Monohm, the Runcible is a circular smartphone that’s made to provide its users with notifications, updates and phone calls only when the user wants to receive them. The Runcible never rings or beeps when a notification is received. Instead, it stays all calm and still until the user checks the phone on his own.

Furnished in wood on one side and with a circular touch screen on the other, the Runcible can tell the user time, of course it also can receive messages, take pictures and make calls – though one will need a Bluetooth headset to make calls.


The smartphone will offer all the functionality one would expect on a high-end device when it hits the market. That includes screen with a higher resolution than the iPhone’s Retina display, not to mention 4G LTE connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC.

However, one cannot expect to watch Netflix or compose long emails on the little device. It runs the open-source Firefox mobile OS, and it is meant to be a minimal smart device, providing basic connectivity and convenience without even attempting to be productive or versatile.

The name comes from a nonsense word derived from a Victorian-era spork, but because it’s so rare, the Runcible phone — despite being so new — is the first thing that shows up when you search for it on Google. The device runs on Firefox OS, includes a charging port, comes with a camera on the back and allows you to attach a chain if you want to truly embrace the pocket watch theme.

The price is not yet disclosed but one can expect it would not be cheap and may cost similar to any high-end smartphones. Currently, the device is only a prototype and there is no launch date on the horizon.

The cute little phone is on display at Mobile World Congress this week and generating significant buzz for its unique form factor. When it launches later, users will be able to pop out SIM cards from their existing smartphones and use the Runcible for a simpler experience during a night out or weekend stroll.