How to run poll on your website


If you want to run poll on your website to know the pulse of the visitors, then this article helps you to run the poll on your website. Polls are used to know the pulse and opinion of the audience. Follow the below step by step instructions to add alive, unlimited and free poll about anything.


Run poll on your website

Step 1 : Choose poll maker

If you have good knowledge in coding you can create your own poll from the scratch, but you no need to take strain as there are number of poll of creators. There are two types of poll creators are available one is paid and other is free. Free poll creators support themselves by linking back to their poll services and limiting to the number of responses. Before creating the poll ensure about the limitations before the publishing the poll.

Step 2 : Choose the delivery method

A poll can be either embedded or will be offered as a link and embedding the poll is simply pasting the code and the poll appears as a part of the content on your site.

  • Embedding : The main advantage with this method is you will enjoy more number of responses if your visitors no need to visit your page. The drawback with this method is it can be difficult if you don’t have access to or not familiar with the code on your site. Poll creator will generate a code to paste in your site or blog.
  • Linking : Almost all the poll creators generates the link which contains the poll and here you need to send the link to the visitors and they will participate in  voting. This method is very easy to implement, you can publish on Facebook, Tweet it and post the link on your site. The drawback unless the voters are motivated to participate in voting not as many people will vote.

Step 3 : Inform the visitors

As soon as you create the poll, it becomes live and starts receiving the responses. Once if you decide how you are going to deliver it it is left to reach the voters. No matter how you decide to publish your poll through Twitter, email, Facebook, forums or channels it is a great idea to reach the audience. Intimate the voters about the last date of the poll and plan for the actions if you are using the results.