How to run a poll on Google Plus


We have seen so many polls conducted on Facebook and it is very useful feature which you can participate in polls created by friends and can also your own polls. These polls are useful to take the opinions and suggestions from your friends on an issue. You can create the polls on your personal Facebook page but not on your personal profile.

Google Plus is the another most popular social networking website, but unlike Facebook it doesn’t include the support to create the polls. There is a little workaround which will help you to convert a regular status update into the live poll. Here in this article I am explaining how to run a poll on Google Plus.


  1. First type your question in the Google Plus share box an now set the visibility of your status update to “public” or you can also set the visibility to one circle.
  2. Now mention the different poll choices as the separate comments under the same status update. Do it as soon as possible, because your status update has been published already.
  3. After adding all the choices then disable the comments for that specific post. Disabling the comments is must because, other people will add their choices and then it will not look like a poll and it becomes very difficult to analyze it as a thread.

This how you can create the polls on Google Plus. However this is not an official poll and it doesn’t look like a true polling tool and exactly saying it is a multiple-choice tool, because one can vote more than once.