Run Your Business From Your Phone: Best Apps

By | December 12, 2014
business apps

Getting things done no matter what is an essential part of running your business. It doesn’t matter where you are, sometimes you just have to get things done. That’s where your smartphone comes into play. Doing things on the run, without the comfort of your office, requires technology that you can take with you. There are several apps now that will help you take your business with you, no matter wherever you go.

I will try and list some apps that will actually help you in getting work done when you’re away from your office:



Prezi is your final destination if you’re looking for presentation solutions. While a PowePoint presentation is very efficient as well, it fails to tell a beautiful and detailed story that you wish for. You still can’t create presentations from the Prezi mobile app, but you can build them by using the Prezi iPad app. However, you can access all your Prezi files from your smartphone and showoff your business to anyone, anytime. This app has been optimized for the modern smartphone user. You can just plug and play your presentation from a projector whenever you want, wherever you want.



Expense reports aren’t very popular with business people. They’re often confusing and time consuming. This is where Expensify can be your best friend. What it does is that it does away with the chore of writing down expenses by allowing you to scan receipts with your phone. You can also use the app to submit your expense report to your company. Businesses can use Expensify as well. They can use it to keep track of their expense policies and monitor the expenses made my employees.



Accompli is a mobile email and calendar tool that streamlines mobile workflow. Replying to emails, attaching documents, looking up contacts and going through your calendar can all be done through the app. Accompli also works with Microsoft Exchange, which is a very good indicator of its utility. App swiching is also seamless on this app so there is no derailment in productivity that would slow you down. You can reply to mails in an instant with minimum hassle and wastage of time.



Talko is like a walkie talkie for the office. It allows co-workers or collaborators to have real time voice conversations. They can also send each other recorder messages. Conversations done through this app are stored in a cloud and cached for future references and record keeping. This way, the conversations don’t get jumbled up and the you can always access the conversations that you want to access. Voice communications are more personal than emails, so it makes it easier to convey the messages and explain the minor nuances properly.



Quip is an app that lets a group of people work together on a document or a spreadsheet in real time. It saves the hassle of miscommunication because data is being updated in real time and there is a chat window which is provided, with the help of which the collaborators and communicate and input correct data. Quip also sends push notifications to all the collaborators. This way, they get to know whenever changes are being made to the documents that they were working on.

These tools won’t be running your business for you, you will still have to do all the hard work. However, they will help you in doing so by easing the process and providing more flexibility to your business plans. They will add to your productivity, and might add new business opportunities as well.