Royal Revolt 2 coming to Windows Phone and Windows 8 on May 15


The famous game Royal Revolt next version will come on this month for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 users. The sequel has already soft launched on Windows Phone and Windows 8 and RT in Canada and Germany and will soon be available in other regions.

Royal Revolt 2 coming to Windows Phone and Windows 8

In this game you still command as a prince and run the levels, automatically by hacking away at the waves of enemies and obstacles. You can launch  the troops by simple as tapping the button at the bottom of the screen when your troop meter fills up. Players can still equip spell to deal damage or heal their teammates.


The sequel now gives the opportunity to the players in charge of their own kingdom which can be invaded by other players. By which the Royal Revolt 2 is a multiplayer-oriented raiding game –similar to the Cloud Raiders, but far more action-packed and exciting. In the game you can able to construct buildings of the castle.  Each building performs a function, such as unlocking and upgrading units and spells. And by the help of these New buildings include taverns which produce gold and farms that grow food. Gold finances upgrades while food fuels the troops you send on raids.


Levels are now time limited, which is very much similar to the Cloud Raiders and the other Clash of Clans-style games. But you will still get money even if you do not destroy the enemy’s castle gate in time, but if complete the task and destroy the enemy castle in particular time then you will get more points. The Royal Revolt’s core gameplay is, attacking an endless variety of fellow players is quite enthralling.

At present the game is available for Germany and Canada Windows user, and the rest of the world has to wait for the availability of this game on their Windows Smartphone.