Rovio Soft launches ‘Retry’ game inspired by ‘Flappy Bird’

By | May 7, 2014

Rovio trying to capitalize on the trend of retro 8-bit style ‘addictive’ games that climaxed with Flappy Bird, with a new features of its own that is coming with Retry game.

The Retry game, developed by Rovio’s new LVL11 development team, has been silently launched in Finland, Canada and Poland. Retry has been made available for iOS as of now in the corresponding country-specific App Store (Finland iStore).


Unlike Flappy Bird, whose developer had directly related the game’s outstanding success to its addictiveness, the very name of Rovio’s new game points a high-level of difficulty and the obsessive need to ‘Retry‘.

Retry offers similar side-scrolling navigation of a flying stuff across an arrangement of vertical obstacles as Flappy Bird, and additionally am almost similar 8-bit outline style. Once again offering players to tap on the screen to control the plane’s elevation, Retry brings a couple of changes although, as noted by Arctic Startup. The player can control how quick the plane flies, can arrive it at bases, can move forward/backward and to gather coins, and can unlock checkpoints at bases with the coins.


Rovio’s Retry game also offers more than one level, and players get star-based award and scores on each which is quite similar to Angry Birds. Retry also includes water, moving walls and other obstacles, unlike Flappy Bird and its monotonous pipes set in a single level, with a single score. I guess this time Rovio has tried to offer little different taste of gaming unlike Flappy Bird.

What you think about the 8-bit new side-scrolling gaming experience?? Watch the promo video of Retry game.