How to root LG G Smart Watch

By | July 17, 2014


Android users have long enjoyed the process or rooting (process of getting administrative privileges) their phones, but what about your smart-watch? By rooting your LG G Smart Watch today, you can improve battery life and responsiveness a bit with a lot more options and mods about to come. Here’s how to root LG G Smart Watch:

This process is only for those who have an LG Smart watch , obviously and a Windows PC to get started with the process. Read the steps given below and follow accordingly, don’t try to experiment more with the process, you might brick your device.

Step 1: Download and install Android SDK for Windows, if you have already installed SDK with all latest updates then skip to Step 5.

Step 2: You might have to install the JDK, this is a framework helps your device to run java enabled files. Download Link.

Step 3: Once after installing the Android SDK on your computer, start the SDK manager, you should find this inside C:/Android-sdk/ folder.

SDK Update

Step 4: Now check the tools and update it, it might take time depending on your internet speed. Better you go and prepare a cup of coffee before it completes.

Step 5: Double tap on the LG G watch Face to bring up the voice prompt for Google Now, and then Swipe down and select Settings > About.

Step 6: Keep tapping on Build number, until it says ‘you are an developer’. Now go back and tap on Developer Options and check ADB Debugging on.


Step 7: Now the time is to connect your device to the PC using USB cable. As you try to connect your watch to PC, the paired phone will get a notification that you first have to allow ‘check the Always box and tap Allow.’


Step 8: Now go the C:android-sdkplatform-tools on your PC and open command prompt there, hold shift on your keyboard, right-click in any blank area, and select open command window here.

Step 9: Here below are some commands that you need to execute one by one,

adb reboot bootloader (Let the device to reboot properly)
fastboot oem unlock

Step 10: On the watch, tap the right arrow (red colored text) and then the circle to accept.


Step 11: Download the Root Boot image for the G Watch and save it inside the c:android-sdkplatform-tools folder.

Step 12: Now execute the following command on the command window:

fastboot boot LGGW-rootboot.img

Step 13: Now pair your device to your phone and allow debugging.

Step 14: Run these commands:

adb shell

Great!, You have successfully rooted your LG G Smart Watch, Comment below if you get struck somewhere in the middle.