How to root HTC One E8


The HTC One E8, launched this June, is a sibling phone of the very popular HTC One M8. If you have already owned this phone and are looking to root it to avail special features to your device, then are at the right place. The steps which I have posted here will help you to get rooted. Also if you want to know more about rooting and advantages of it, then I would suggest you to first read this article first before going through the process.


Rooting is the process of gaining administrative access on your Android device. Once if you root our Android device, you can then customize it well beyond what normally people can do.

Here is what you will get after getting the root access:

  • Free up storage space according to your requirement.
  • Remove apps that were preinstalled by your carrier/manufacturer from your device.
  • Increase performance (after removing apps that are always running, the device will be less bogged down and run smoother).
  • Increase battery life (apps that might have been running constantly can be removed).
  • Tons of other customization when you use your new found administrative rights to flash a custom ROM.
  • Update to a new version of Android (by flashing a custom recovery/ROM, see the end of this procedure for more info on that).

Rooting Requirements

Declaimer:  This will void the warranty of your device. We are not liable if you end-up bricking or damaging your device. Do it at your own risk.

  • You must have unlocked the bootloader of your device. You can do so from the HTCDev website.
  • You should have appropriate drivers installed on your PC. If you haven’t, download and install the latest drivers from.
  • The process works only on Windows based PC, so better you keep yourself handy to get started with the requirements.
  • Don’t forget to download the required files from the download section.
  • Enable USB debugging on your device by heading to Menu > Settings > Developer options > USB debugging.

Files to download

How to root HTC One E8

■> Flashing a custom ROM

  1. Extract the to your desktop, try to keep all the files in a managed way to avoid misconception.
  2. Plug in your device to your PC via USB cable.
  3. Launch a Command Prompt Window on your desktop. Here is a shortcut key to do that easily, simply hold down Shift +  Right-click on any blank area on your screen and select Open command window here.
  4. Here is the first command you need to execute:
    adb reboot-bootloader
  5. Your device will then reboot into bootloader mode.
  6. Check the downloaded files, you have downloaded one file with extension .img, rename the file to recovery.img

    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  7. Custom recovery installation with start
  8. Then, after completion of the above process, here are few commands you have to execute:
    fastboot erase cache
    fastboot reboot
  9. After that you device will reboot once again.

■> Rooting HTC One E8

  1. Again Connect your device to your PC
  2. Copy SuperSU file which you have downloaded, to any folder of your SD card.
  3. Again Open a Command Prompt Window on your desktop. Follow the same procedure you have seen earlier.
  4. Type in following command into the Command Prompt Window:
    adb reboot recovery
  5. You device will go to recovery mode this time, once getting into it, tap install
  6. Select the file to be flashed on your device.
  7. Confirm the installation and let the process to finish rooting.
  8. When it’s done, reboot your device by tapping Reboot followed by System.