Roll Mania : Fun, challenging and Physics based puzzle rolling game

By | May 12, 2014

Roll Mania is a fun, challenging and Physics based puzzle game for Android. It is a Physics based game and here you will control the selection of the round objects to accelerate from left to right to reach the designated exit by crossing the challenging obstacles. The score for the each level is given in stars and the maximum is three stars and these are awarded based on the specific level criteria.

The selection of the objects is your primary and you can change between the three different rolling objects at any time and you have to see the unique properties of the objects to pass the obstacles and reach the exit. There are two main controls in the game, roll left and right and the player has got the ability to change between three level rolling objects through the three hot buttons at the bottom of the screen.


You need to complete the three objective in the each level, where the main objective looks simple, the other two side objectives to complete.

The side objective includes.

  • Reaching the exit destination with in the certain time limit.
  • Collecting the specific number of coins to complete the each level.
  • Not using a certain rolling object in a certain level.
  • Changing the shapes of rolling objects fewer than a specified number of times.

This game is one of the light weight puzzle game that brings the excitement once you complete the one of the forty five levels of the game and there is certainly more to come with the updates. You will not fell frustrated if you are not able to complete the level, because that certain level starts immediately so you are no longer able to continue.

This game encourages the player to think smartly how to use the physical properties of  the common rolling objects to overcome the limitation of rolling only side by side to complete the level. The look and feel of the game looks that it is inspired by popular game Super Mario and the very most recent platformer game Super Meat Boy.

New levels, objectives and mechanics are to be introduced with the future updates of the game.

Download Roll mania from here.



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